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In this social experiment, comedian Fred Armisen anonymously calls a payphone across the street from the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Those who were brave enough to answer the call and walk into the unknown were rewarded with an unique experience. "Heineken | Routine Interruptions | The Payphone with Fred Armisen"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I was making, like, cell phone calls to this payphone. And some people actually picked up, I thought it would not happen. Do it! Do it! Hello? Listen, I'm inviting you to come across the street. That's terrifying. No, no, nothing dangerous, nothing bad. I think you might be talking to the wrong dude here. Look across the street. Across the street. Pick it, pick it up, pick it up! Come on! Will you come across the street, please? Listen to me. Look, do me a favor, yeah? Please come across the street please to a comedy, eh, place. You want me to go to that ATM over there? No. Do not, please don't go to the ATM. Hello? Listen, come across the street for a second. I-I don't know. It's very... Oh, this is so creepy! Just you, buddy. Just you. I appreciate that but I gotta go to a party. Thank you though. I gotta go dude. That's pretty... What we did, is we arranged to have a person come down who's picked up the phone and doesn't know what's about to happen. And we're gonna bring them up on stage. Hi, this is him!

Written Text

"The Payphone" June 21, 2014 MacDougal Street, Manhattan Fred Armisen Anonymously Calls A Payphone Directing Strangers To An Unmarked Door. Those Brave Enough To Enter Will Join Him On Stage At the World-Famous Comedy Cellar. Thousands Walked The Other Way 5 Stepped Into A Legendary Night. Would You Answer The Call? Heineken open your city open your world Answer the call this summer. RoutineInterruptions.com

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