"VMA 2014: Fifth Harmony Break Down The 'Boss' Basics"

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Hey MTV, we're Fifth Harmony. Okay, so we heard that y'all are big fans of our Boss music video. Now we're gonna break down the Boss basics. 
You ready? 
Yeah, we got it. 
Explain it girl. 
5, 6, 7, 8... up, where's the lyrics 
Wait, do you dance? 
Dee is going to learn how to move like a Boss 
Be a boss. Watch our pre-show performance at the VMAs 
Boss Michelle Obama 
Purse so heavy gettin' Oprah dollas 
You say that you a baller 
And I see you tryna holla 
But that ain't how I was brought up

Written Text

In 2 weeks Fifth Harmony is coming 
MTV Video Music Awards 
2014 VMA Pre-Show Sunday 8/7C 
Boss Bo$$ 
Dee: Fifth Harmony's Make up Artist 
Dance like a Bo$$

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