"The Blacklist - Pay Attention to Red! (Promo)"

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When our nation's security is threatened, the most unlikely man has all the answers. 
You have to look at this differently. 
How should I look at this? 
Like a criminal. 
I hate working with the man. He's dangerous, but everything we've done, it would have been impossible if it weren't for him. 
If you want to save lives and catch the bad guys, pay attention. 
So I guess we're stuck with each other. 
Three time Emmy winner, James Spder in NBC's The Blacklist returns Monday, September 22 
Back in black I hit the sack 
I been too long I'm glad to be back 
Yes I am 
Let loose from the noose

Written Text

3 time Emmy Winner James Spader 
The Blacklist 
Monday September 22 

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