"Men Using Women Shampoo" 
This ad shows a man who works in an office. When a coworker comes over to talk to him, his flowing hair blows around like he's in a women's commercial. It turns out he has been using girl's shampoo. When called out on it, he immediately runs to the store to by Dove Men+Care shampoo - made for real men. After washing his hair, he no longer has flowing long hair, but a manly haircut.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Did you do something with your hair? 
Because I see that women's shampoo commercial effect when you do... like this... 
Maybe it's your shampoo. 
Women's shampoo isn't made for you. Dov Men +Care is. 
Ah ah ahh ahhhh 
Sexy and free

Written Text


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