There has never been a better time to consider an Apprenticeship. Young people can 'get in and go far' with an Apprenticeship at some of Britain's biggest and brightest companies. They can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, in some cases up to degree level, while working and earning. Find out more Apprenticeships. Get in. Go far. "Apprenticeships. Get in. Go far. Full TV ad (version 2)"

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Thanks to apprenticeships over 800,000 people are working, earning and learning inside some of Britain's brightest companies. Some are even getting a degree. To find out what it's really like, follow these apprentices at Apprenticeships. Get in. Go far.

Written Text Chelsea Williams, 20 Learning To Become A Fashion Buyer Ziyad Patel, 20 Learning To Become A Tax Associate Imogen Shaw, 18 Learning To Become A Production Coordinator Ged Lawrenson, 20 Learning To Become An IT Specialist Michelle Hook, 23 Earning A Project Management Degree Amber Askew, 18 Learning To Become A Marketing Manager Apprenticeships Get in. Go Far.

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