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Mario Hugo - 
Hunt Amor - 
Blue Smoke - 
Max Dworkin - 
Lily + Spice - 
Quill's Coffee - 
Surface Magazine - 
Mel Debarge - 
Soojin & Isaac - 
Hanksy - 
Jen Mussari - 
YoriMoto - 
Matthias Heiderich - 
Project Ara - 
Minimally Minimal - 
Volvo - 
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(Lyrics) know I, I won’t make it don’t know what to do 
They say that love is easy but they must have forgot you 
Oh I, love to hate you 'cause you know that I don’t 
But treat me like you do I think it’s time for you to go 
And always such a pretty thing 
Depending on what the days will bring 
I can’t escape love 
Dah do dah do 
A la la la lo  
Oh, my mind, is all 
Washed away, all away 
We keep holding on 
To the everlasting waves

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