A young fireman remembers a conversation he had with his mom, when he was a kid, as he’s pouring himself a glass of milk. That memory helps him face his first day on the job as a fireman and turns him into a hero, because milk fuels a better future. 

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OK, it's time to go to bed, here's your milk. You ready? 
No, I don't want to go to bed. 
Why not? 
Too scared of the dark.  
Well, let's think about some people who make you feel brave. Who are some people that make you feel brave? 
Oh. What about firemen make you feel brave? 
Um, they, they just do really brave things. 
Like what? 
They rescue people from burning buildings. 
That sounds like you have to be really brave. Do you think you could do that? 
Yeah. I know you could.  
Got milk?

Written Text

What You Say With A Glass Of Milk 
Lasts Forever 
got milk? 
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