This commercial for DSW shows different shoes for different women - and men. The first pair of shoes are heels with an ankle strap, worn by a woman walking into an office building. The woman, shown only from the knees down, walks into a meeting, sits down and crosses her legs. The next pair of shoes, also heels, are black with gold and jeweled straps. This woman is in the grocery store walking up an aisle pushing a cart. Oops! She drops a jar of pickles on the floor, shattering the jar. No worries, her mistake apparently turns to magic as a pair of men's legs enters the frame. The man is wearing jeans with rolled cuffs and brown casual dress shoes. The next woman is wearing a pair of open toe silver glittery shoes to go with her wedding dress. The same wedding dress woman also dons a pair of white boat shoes/sneakers. The next sets of legs are all different, walking together down city sidewalks. Ending with a view of DSW shoe store where you can get "those" shoes. 
"DSW Fall 2014 Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Where'd you get those shoes? You know the shoes. The ones you got for that price. Those shoes for when mistakes turn to magic. Those shoes for your big day done just your way. Those shoes that make you feel part of something. DSW. Those shoes. That price. The hunt is over.

Written Text

Where'd you get those shoes? 
Designer Shoe Warehouse 

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