A grandfather is faced with a difficult decision: pass on his precious silver dollar coin to his grandson? Or spend it on one of eleven craveable creations from Taco Bell's new Dollar Cravings Menu? 
"Silver Dollar | 2014 Taco Bell® Dollar Cravings Menu™ Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This silver dollar has been in our family for generations. I had it with me the night I won the heart of your grandmother. Wait, that was Chrissy Redford. Don't tell Nana. It even saved my life from a nail gun in The Great Construction Riots. And now, I want you to... Never mind. 
No dollar is safe. The new Dollar Cravings Menu. Eleven cravable creations each for a dollar.

Written Text

The Great Construction Riots, 1967 
New $1 Cravings Menu 
Taco Bell 
Live Mas

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