"Own Monday. LYNX Upgraded. Extended Edition"

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You get over 4000 Mondays in your life. Don't waste them. You wanna be the man, right? No! Make the man want to be you. Nobody bothers on a Monday. Nobody cares. You should care. Monday's your weapon. Feel it pulsing through your veins. Drink caffeine like a gangster. Look the part - suit, tie, shoes. Smell the part. Give Monday a dash of confidence, an essence of charm, a hint of swagger. Taste the part. Don't save your best for the weekend. Own Monday. Don't let it own you. 
New Lynx upgraded. Fine fragrances for everyday.

Written Text

Monday Monday 
Monday in MondayColor 
Monday in Paradise 
Care Paris 
Forever Monday 
Big Papa Coffee 
Lynx Peace Deodorant Bodyspray 
I hate Mondays 
New Lynx 
Fine fragrances for every day

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