Comedian Jim Gaffigan rides along in a Comcast van with a Comcast service worker, talking about his busy, busy schedule. 
"Busy Man - XFINITY"

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So you heard that we make evening appointments now too, right? 
Yeah, I'm booked every night. 
Same deal on the weekends.  
That's my me time. 
What about weekdays? 
Weekdays are tough because that's when I, um, I teach dogs how to swim. 
We can be there anytime in a two-hour window. 
Like this. 'Cause a lot of times dogs do it like this.  
Introducing night and weekend appointments. It's a whole new day at Comcast. Hold us to it.

Written Text

It's a whole new day at Comcast. 
Hold us to it. 
the future of awesome

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