"Finding Carter | Official Mid-Season Trailer | MTV" 
Check out the official mid-season trailer for MTV's original series Finding Carter.

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Thank you for choosing us. 
This decision must have been pretty hard. I didn't want you to regret it. 
I don't. 
Mom's having an affair. 
It's not true! 
I'm very, very sorry. I will do anything. 
Will you? 
Are you sure you want to do this? 
If you could just let me explain myself. 
Explain what? 
Carter Stephens, you are being charged with grand larceny. 
Bird, tell them. 
It never ends. The lies. 
Carter, when are you gonna realize you got people here who really love you. 
Get the hell out of my store. 
Crash lost his mind. 
This isn't a game anymore. 
You have me wrapped around your little finger. 
You are a mess. 
I will never forgive you. 
I hate you. Now get out of my room. 
Everywhere there was somewhere 
And everywhere there they where 
That's the way it was 
Women children dogs and cows 
Rabbits lizard pigs and cats 
That's the way it was

Written Text

Wilson 4650 
Quik N Easy Max 
Finding Carter 
All New 

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