This ad for the women's fragrance, Black Opium, begins with a dark haired woman waking up in bed alone, but looking for the person who was lying in the bed earlier - feeling the rumpled sheets. She gets out of bed, wearing just a black T-shirt, puts on a pair of black heels and a black jacket, then heads down the elevator. She runs through a lighted tunnel, through the still dark streets of the city - running, searching. She makes her way to an apartment where she finds who she was apparently looking for - a man, dressed in black. The two seem ready to embrace, but the man has his hands behind his back. In his hand is a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. The woman takes the bottle, sprays some of the fragrance on her neck, leaning back against the wall, looking relieved and satisfied.  

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Black Opium. The new feminine fragrance. Yves Saint Laurent. 
(Lyrics) I've been thinking, thinking 'bout you 
'Bout us 
And we're moving slow and our hearts beat so fast 
I've been dreaming, dreaming 'bout you 
All along 
Hey, hey, hey 
My head is a jungle, jungle 
My head is a jungle, jungle 
My head is a jungle, jungle 
My head, oh

Written Text

Black Opium 
Yves Saint Laurent

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