A woman takes her friend around the house to show her all the furnishings she purchased at during the Labor Day sale event. The friend is in awe of all of the great finds, but wants to know what happened to all of John's things. All of John's things ended up in the basement, which is now John's new man cave. 
" - Labor Day - 2014"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

All right, I wanna show you the bedroom first.  
It's gorgeous! 
You like? 
This comforter! Ah, it's such high quality 
Thank you. I know, I had so much fun putting it together. And the living room. 
Everything goes together so well. 
It was so easy. I got it all online at overstock. 
So where is all of John's stuff? 
It all ended up in the basement. 
Yes! Yes! 
You'll find something for everyone at overstock's Labor Day sale, happening right now.

Written Text 
Labor Day Sale 
40" Round Mirror 
Wingback Linen Bed 
Accent Pillows and Throws 
Grey Sectional Sofa 
Labor Day Sales Start Now!

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