"Charter Spectrum" 
This ad shows two parents with a baby. The father is holding the baby and as soon as the mother leaves, the baby starts crying. The dad uses the internet to try to find a way to make the baby stop crying, but nothing help until his phone rings. The ringtone makes the baby stop crying immediately, so he uses his computer to load up the music video and sets it on repeat.

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When you have the fastest internet speeds, you can find anything almost instantly, which is a powerful thing. Because sometimes it's not so much what you're looking for, but how fast you can find it that makes all the difference. 
Dial it up 
Hey hey, yeah

Written Text

10 ways to soothe a crying baby 
Dialin' Official Music Video 
Dial It Up EP released on July 7, 2014 
NS Music Corp 
Dialin' by Bronx Jimmy 
Where will it take you? 
Charter Communications

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