"State Farm® commercial: "Steve's Kid" w/Richmeister (Rob Schneider)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Thanks for all the savings with the discount double-check. It's gonna come in really handy with the baby. 
You're all set. Let me make you a copy. 
Ashley, making copies. The Ashmeister. 
Hi, Rich. This is Steve and Sandy. 
Steve and Sandy, and Steve-O Jr. 
Actually, we're having a little girl. We're gonna name her Apigny Apolonaria. 
Steve's kid. Steve and Sandy gettin' it done. More people-o-rama. 
Makin' savings with a discount doublecheck. State Farm.

Written Text

State Farm, StateFarm 
Richard Lamer 
Discount Doublecheck Check-a-rooski. 
State Farm 
Auto Home Life Bank 

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