College is hard, but an Amazon Student membership makes it easier. In this commercial for Amazon Student membership, a man brings a woman back to his dorm room. He puts a sock on the door handle, letting his roommate know he's got company. When the roommate returns, he stands in the hallway looking at the sock on the handle, while another resident walks past, laughing. The amazon spokesman wants to know what happens when your roommate gets a new roommate? With Amazon Student membership, you can have anything ordered from amazon within two days. The spokesman comes out of the room with a sleeping bag. He then goes back into the dorm room and soon after, pushes out the first roommate. The two roommates are left standing together in the hall while the spokesman is in the room with the girl. 
"Amazon Student Back to College 2014 - Bad Roommate 1"

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What happens when your roommate gets a new roommate? We got this. Any room can be your room in just two days.

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amazon student 
easier than school

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