The new Polo. It's a confidence thing. This ad begins with a man, confidently walking along the boardwalk when he discovers a big, red floppy hat on the ground. He stops to pick it up, then looks around to discover a woman, searching through the back of her car, possibly looking for her missing hat. He gives the woman the hat, then appears to be asking her out. The woman taps her watch, indicating that she has someplace else to be. The man gives her a thumbs up and walks away. The same woman is now at the grocery market, pushing a shopping cart through the parking lot when she accidentally runs into a man who is loading his bags into his Volkswagen Polo. The woman stops to apologize, then confidently tucks something into the man's shirt pocket. As she walks away, she motions for him to give her a call. Next up, the man from the grocery parking lot pulls up to a house, where a beautiful woman is coming outside. The man confidently walks toward her, but the beautiful blonde veers to the side, where we see her getting into the passenger seat of a blue VW Polo - owned by none other than the first man in the ad, from the beach.  
"New Volkswagen Polo Ad - It's a confidence thing - 60"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The new Polo. It's a confidence thing. With BlueMotion technology. From $15,990 driveaway. 
Volkswagen. Das Auto. 
(Lyrics) Well this is a game 
I wish it wasn't so 
But before we get started 
There's one thing about it that you should know 
This is a game 
Please remember my words 
And don't get upset when you don't get what you think you deserve 

Written Text

The new Polo. 
It's a confidence thing. 
With BlueMotion technology. 
From $15,990* driveaway. 
Das auto.

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