The All-New Sonata comes loaded with available safety features like Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Detection and more. Back seat drivers have met their match. Two couples are riding in a silver Hyundai Sonata. The man in the backseat is a bit of a backseat driver, but with the features of the all-new Sonata, his advice isn't necessary. "2015 Hyundai Sonata | "Co-Pilot" "

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OK, here's the plan. You're gonna want to turn right in... Turn right in 0.2 miles. Watch the lane. And we have this really great view. Got a car in our blind spot. Learn how to salsa dance. Cuban dancing. Uh-huh. Backseat drivers just met their match. Introducing the entirely new Sonata Sport. You forgot to turn off the... From Hyundai.

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Hyundai New Thinking. New Possibilities.

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