This ad begins with views of rain pouring down on a camping site. The heavy rain is falling on the BBQ grill, boots left outside, the tent in which several people sit, waiting as the drips of rain fill a coffee cup. Then a beam of light appears and the campers look out to find that the fourth member of their camping trip party has arrived with a bag of McDonald's and four cups of coffee.  
"McDonald's 40th Anniversary Camping: SOS"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Everything was wrong 
Then you came along 
Now in every way each day is brighter 
When you hold me near 
Clouds all disappear 
Rainy days are done 
And look here comes the sun 
There's a rainbow in the sky

Written Text

The Camping Trip S.O.S. 
Celebrating 40 Years Together 
Share your memories at 
i'm lovin' it

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