This commercial for the Dior fragrance, J'adore features Charlize Theron. The ad begins with a view of an enormous, long hallway, lined with mirrors and decorated with ornate crystal chandeliers. Charlize Theron walks down this hallway, wearing a dress with a gold bodice and sheer skirt, paired with gold heels that click on the floor with each deliberate step she takes. As she walks, a gold piece of satiny fabric tumbles from the beautifully painted ceiling. Charlize grabs the fabric, wraps her legs around it and climbs the fabric to the top of the ceiling. While climbing, she rips the gold pearl necklace from her throat, the beads dropping to the floor in a clatter. She continues climbing all the way to the top of the domed ceiling, and pulls herself through the open circle to find a stunning view of a shimmering golden cityscape.  
"Dior J'adore - "The future is gold" - The new film"

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The past can be beautiful, a memory, a dream, but it’s no place to live. And now it’s the time, the only way out, is up. It’s not heaven. It’s a new world. The future is gold. J'adore Dior 
(Lyrics) Hey now 
Letters burning by my bed for you 
Ooh, you know it’s like lightning 
Hey now 
Hey now 

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