Dave Franco sits on the couch, watching a movie with his girlfriend. the movie is interrupted when the television screen suddenly switches to Xbox One, with Madden NFL 15 starting. Then comes a knock on the glass door. Outside the door is Keven Hart, staring at the couple, while holding up two game controls. The woman looks irritated, while Dave Franco looks as if he's trying to decide what to do next.  
"Madden 15: The Stare"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Madden NFL 15. Rated 'Everyone'. EA Sports. It's in the game. 
Xbox One. Now starting at $399.

Written Text

It's Madden Season 
EA Sports 
Madden NFL 15 
In Stores 8.26 
Xbox One 
Now starting at $399 

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