Tide honors the uniforms and the heroes who wear them. Help us celebrate those in uniform by sharing their incredible stories. 
"Tide Honors Uniforms"

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It started out like all the others. But over time, you gave it meaning, a purpose, a reason to exist. By your side it suffered late nights and early mornings. Gave you protection on the days you weren't sure you'd make it home at all. Every drop of sweat makes it part of your story. When you're gone, your children will pull it from the attic, hold it to their faces, recall your scent. They'll remember what you did for them. How you loved them. How every day you went to work, contributed, helped build a world to which they could contribute to. And you did it all in your uniform.

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This Labor Day, Give Thanks 
For The Most Incredible Clothes In The World 
Share To Honor The Uniforms And The Heroes Who Wear Them

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