This commercial for the rag & bone fall 2014 line shows the lives of two dancers who are in New York, dancing, admiring the crisp air on a rooftop with a bunch of pigeons, back to dancing some more.  
"rag & bone Fall 2014 Film - Wendy Morgan"

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(Lyrics) You say you love me 
But then you turn and walk away 
All for love 
Not even born yesterday 
I see you on the streets 
And you just pass me by 
You think I got no feelings 
Think I’m living high 
But let me tell ya 
I could be on the TV 
I could be in them magazines 
But it’s never enough 
When you felt the touch 
Of an angel that’s rocking your soul 
When the rain comes down 
You’re never around 
But when the sun comes up 
You always steal the fire 
And rain comes down 
On this side of town 
But people have no feelings

Written Text

rag & bone 
New York

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performed by K-OS

performed by K-OS