There are a lot of crazy ways to get in shape. However you stay fit this fall, start at SUBWAY®, with loads of great tasting, low-fat sandwiches. 
"Tried CropFit?"

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That looks good. 
Yeah, I gotta eat right this fall, I'm doing CropFit. 
What's CropFit? 
A hard core fitness based on 19th century farming practices. 
Pick the pumpkin! Pick it! Pick it! Pick it! Pick it! 
Pull the plow, son! That's it. 
Grab the apple! Grab it! Grab it! Grab it! 
I know it's a barn, raise it! 
It's not a one man job! 
That sounds intense.  
That's one word for it. 
However you stay fit this fall, start at Subway. Lots of great tasting low-fat sandwiches like the Subway Club with ham, turkey and roast beef. Subway. Eat fresh.

Written Text

fresh fit 
Low Fat 
Subway Club 
eat fresh.

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