This commercial for Altuzarra fashions for Target stores begins with a woman (Eva Herzigova) opening the curtains in the morning, allowing the sun to shine in her bedroom. She goes to her closet where she pushes all the clothes on hangers aside, pushes a handbag on a shelf to the side. The woman walks through the room in high-heeled boots where she begins to pull Altuzarra clothes from bags, trying everything on. First is a green printed dress, which she wears and spins around in. Then comes a black belted coat/dress which she admires in the mirror. She wears a snake-skin printed blazer, a black with white print button down blouse, a black sheer dress, a sleeveless black dress and some over-the-knee black boots. "Altuzarra for Target"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Altuzarra for Target. Available September 14th. (Lyrics) Oh baby Eight hours in and I'm still undressed Don't move too fast I'm not finished yet When I'm with you I wanna lose myself Forget the shoe and do something else 7 AM and the sun is up I need somebody just to fill my cup 9 AM I'm out to JFK Hit me now take my breath away

Written Text

Altuzarra Select stores and Globally on September 14

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