This is a commercial for the 2014 CBS television series 'Scorpion'. The series is loosely based on the life of genius and computer expert Walter O'Brien who recruits other geniuses to help solve complex, global problems. The drama series stars Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Robert Patrick, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jaydn Wong and Ari Stidham. "Scorpion - Pure Genius (Series Premiere Preview)"

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I created a tactical team called Scorpion made up of the smartest people on the planet. Just not necessarily the most normal people on the planet. Homeland Security! Without your help, those planes fall from the sky. If we screw this up, brains and guts are gonna bounce all over town. You're on your top choice for this? We're in! Talk again, you better hope the Feds have a good dental plan. What the... We want to save everyone. This is our only chance. This is wild. Are you ready? No. Oh my God! Scorpion. Monday, September 22nd. (Lyrics) Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Written Text

Inspired By A True Story this team is pure genius Series Premiere Monday Sept 22 After The Big Bang Theory CBS scorpion

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CBS Commercial for Scorpion