Wiser's Commercial

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"The Wiserhood" This ad shows a man shopping at the mall with his wife/girlfriend. She asks him to hold her purse while she runs into a store. As another man walks by, the man drops the purse as if it diseased, and then pulls a plastic back out of his pocket. He carefully picks up the purse using the bag, being sure not to actually touch it again with his hands. He can now safely hold the purse without anyone knowing. A group of men off to the side start clapping for him.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh, honey, there's that dress I love. Will you hold this? Yes. Yes I will, hon. Welcome to the society of uncompromising men. Welcome to The Wiserhood.

Written Text

The Wiserhood facebook.com/wiserhood Wiser's DeLuxe De Luxe 1837

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