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(Lyrics) And when you spiral through the atmosphere 
All they see is motion 
They never see the tears 
They never feel the pain 
They always think it's nothing but it's something such a shame 
But there is no romance in life that's on the ledge 
And there's no one to talk you down and tuck you in the bed  
Lord, it's so ironic that it's funny 
Of something for the books or the bars 
To bob your head and nod 
I recall, so many never ever thought you'd make it 
So sad they were mistaken, the joy they tried to take it 
Mama said that "The best thing you can do and be is you 
This world ain't got but one, so give credit where it is due" 
Ain't that the truth 
And here you are, a black unicorn 
Mythical, mystical, since the day that you were born 
A place that you can go, no one else is allowed 
Sitting up on your cloud, so high when you look down 
Just glance upon the beauty and the wonder to be found 
Then know that you can stop your search, cause love is all around 
Free at last, free at last

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Powerbeats2 Wireless

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