This is a commercial for the television series 'Sledgehammer' on the DIY Network. 
"DIY Network Sledgehammer Commercial"

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Sledgehammer is real simple. Anything you can destroy in 30 minutes, I'm gonna rebuild it into something amazing. Rooms they completely demo, I'll renovate. Destroy everything in one, move on to the next until the clock runs out. But there's a catch. If they don't completely finish a room before time's up... 
You got a minute and a half left. 
...I don't touch it. Risky? You bet. But the pay off could be huge. You've got a kitchen! 
Sledgehammer. An all new series. Premieres Wednesday at 10. Only on DIY Network.  
(Lyrics) Sledge 

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Wednesday 10pE 9pC 
diy Network 
Jason Cameron  

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