A mans stands in the trailer of a semi-truck, where the back door opens and the Nissan Altimas are let loose for the model year-end Altima sales event. 
"Nissan Bottom Line Commercial"

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It's the model year end. And we're unleashing the 2014 Nissan Altima. Bottom line is the Altima is the most exciting sedan on the road. 
During Nissan's Bottom Line, choose Altima, just $189 per month. Or get 0% APR. 
Innovation that excites. 
(Lyrics) Yeah 
Catch me if you can 
My, My, My 
I’m a hungry man 

Written Text

Nissan Altima 
Active Understeer Conrol 
Rearview Monitor 
Up To 270 HP 
Advanced Drive Assist Display 
Bottom Line 
Model Year-End Event 
The 2014 Nissan Altima 
38 MPG Highway 
$189 per month lease 
0% APR Financing 
Plus Up To $500 NMAC Cash  
Event Ends September 2nd 
Innovation that excites

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