This commercial for Kraft Dinner begins with a white horse, galloping through town, commenting on all the "adulty" adults. The horse wants to know where their fun went. All of the adults follow after the horse, where he ends up giving a motivational speech, telling all the adults it's time to let their fun out. The adults take the advice and ride on bicycles, beat on toy drums, one even plays an accordion. The adults run and play outside and find their fun, thanks to Kraft Dinner. A man wearing a red riding jacket, carrying a saddle in his arms finds the white horse, named Kevin, and asks him, "What did you do?". "Kraft Dinner - Let Your Fun Out" Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

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Look at you. All adulty and responsible and stuff. Where'd your fun go? When you were young, all you wore were a pair of Superhero underwear and some scuba flippers. What changed in you? That tie you're wearing, it's just a knot tied around your throat to keep the laughter from crawling out. Your fun is still inside you. Kraft Dinner! Get it while it's hot! I can't come up in there and pull the fun out of you. You gotta let your fun out. Let your fun out! Kevin? What did you do?

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Kraft Dinner Let Your Fun Out

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