Kate Moss stars in a high-glamour game of pursuit. Featuring Fall 14's "Jackie Soft" handbag, the short film celebrates Gucci's jet-set style. "Gucci Presents: The Jackie (Director's Cut)"

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The Jackie Bag. Gucci. (Lyrics) I wanna try to see your lizard state Well I got everyone on my back I'm not gonna crack like you cracked Whoa, whoa, whoa Sipping up on my humblepie You got no legs to keep you anywhere near my hide So don't try and get near my hide Don't try to get outta the way I see what you gotta say I hear you're here to stay If that's OK If that's not OK Well I don't want to be in the black of your heart And if I'm gonna make it clear then I'll tear you apart From the inside to the out

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The Jackie Bag Gucci

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