Aaron Rodgers is surprised at the gym when America's favorite fitness buffs recognize him as the "Discount Double Check® Guy". See how they pump up his workout regimen to take savings to a whole new level. "State Farm® :60 Commercial: "Trainers" w/Aaron Rodgers and Hans & Franz (Dana Carvey & Kevin Nealon)"

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Hey look! It's the State Farm guy! Ya, and he's discount double checking! Uh, Hans and Franz? Surprise. But here's another surprise for you! Ya. Muscle, muscle, muscle, muscle! Hear me now, believe me later. You pumped up our wallets with the discount double checking, so we want to repay the favor and Pump You Up! I'm sorry, what? Pull us you flabby loser! You'll tank us later. That's right, double check your diet. Ya. Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the loser stream. That's what I'm talking about. Nice. Doesn't this hurt? Not with those puny arms. You don't just lift dumbells, you drink them. Now come on. That's right, feel it! Hello, muscles! The whole thing? Ya, when you finish you can eat this up, too. Congratulations, Aarons. You and the suit. Hey, it's a start. Yeah. Not bad. Really? Pump up your savings with the discount double check. Hike! Nice, Aaron. Get to a better state. State Farm Insurance

Written Text

It Pays To Double Check. get to a better State State Farm 800-STATE-FARM

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