See Network experts Frank and Charlie cozy up to Gameday’s Chris and Kirk for the football season. 
"AT&T College Football Commercial – “Teddy” :45"

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Told you black and white makes the difference. 
Dramatic. What are you guys doing? 
We're building the AT&T LTE advanced network to deliver faster peak speeds. 
Just means you'll be able to check highlight stats and scores even faster on your phones. 
Sounds great. You guys gonna be here for a while? 
Yeah, pretty much all season, making all sorts of network enhancements. But we won't get in your hair, which is spectacular, by the way. 
What's this? 
I'll take that from you. It's personal. 
Late nights. 
Sorry, that's mine, I...gotta keep the hair looking good. 
And this? 
Uh, um... 
Don't look at me. 
Don't worry about it. 

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