Bowie's fun loving, gentle personality fits in perfectly with her family. Whether she's enjoying a hike with Eric or waiting for Harley to fill her bowl with BenefulĀ® Healthy Radiance, Bowie is always living a Ful life. 
Delicious combinations help keep dogs delighted! With wholesome grains, real salmon and accents of vitamin-rich veggies, BenefulĀ® Healthy Radiance has the complete nutrition dogs need and a taste they love. 
"Beneful FUL Life | Bowie"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wait for it, Bowie. Wait for it. Go ahead. 
Beneful. With wholesome grains, real salmon and veggie accents. That's Bowie's Fullife. What's yours? Beneful. Live the fullife. From Purina.

Written Text

Meet Eric, Sam, Harley and Hudson and their 5-yr-old Sheep Dog Bowie. 
Bowie eats Beneful Healthy Radiance. 
This is their story. 
Purina Beneful 
Bowie's fullife 
live the fullife

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