Running with Ashley and playing at the pool are all part of Roxy's Ful life, but her favorite moment is mealtime! She digs in as soon as a bowl of BenefulĀ® Original hits the ground. Roxy loves living a Ful life! 
"Beneful FUL Life | Roxy"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Roxy! Come here! Sit. Good girl. 
Beneful. With wholesome grains, real beef and veggie accents. That's Roxy's fullife. What's yours? Beneful. Live the fullife. From Purina.

Written Text

Meet Ashley, Diana and Hunter, and their 8-yr-old shepherd mix Roxy. 
Roxy eats Beneful Original. 
This is their story. 
Purina Beneful 
live the fullife

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