Know someone with a party coming up? We’ve got some AMAZING cakes in store right now - including the piñata cake, burger cake, ice cream sundae cake and loads more! 
"Mmm... Cake!"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mmm...cake! Someone's having a party. Wow! Oh, save me a slice of that one. Is that a burger? Oh, mum! Oh fabulous! There's cake, but for pinata cake and 85 jaw-dropping party-popping cakes, you're better off at ASDA.  
(Lyrics) The closer you get the better you look baby 
The better you look 
The more I want you 
And I get the sweetest feeling 
Honey the Sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)

Written Text

You're better off at ASDA

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