An important lecture point, a name spelled for the first time, a new cultural experience, a heartfelt letter. 
A notable device fit for today’s world, S Pen and the new GALAXY Note 4 opens up a new range of possibilities. 
Join in on the experience to note for.  
"[Do You Note?] Your Note for Handwriting - Samsung GALAXY Note 4"

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Handwriting is being forgotten. So Samsung Galaxy Note introduced the S Pen to remind us how much handwriting means to us. After all, the things we love the most should never go away. Innovation for today and tomorrow. Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Do you note?

Written Text

For children, handwriting is extremely important. Not how well they do it, but that they do it and practice it. 
Chicago Tribune 
How handwriting trains the brain. Forming letters is key to learning, memory, ideas. 
The Wall Street Journal 
Samsung Galaxy Note 
introduced the S Pen 
S Note with Highlighter Pen 
S Note with Pen 
S Note with Calligraphy Pen 
Quick Note 
Image Clip & S Note 
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 
Do you note?

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