"TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™ - Time To Play Ball (60 sec)" 
Introducing our fun, new, rolling TEMPTATIONS TUMBLERS™! It’s #TimeToPlayBall!  
This ad features shots of athletes spliced in with images of cats. The athletes are using Temptations Tumblers cat treats instead of the ball from their sport (football, tennis, etc.) and making cats jump and chase them.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Am here, 
To do, 
This is a test , 
Not lookin for a home, 
But fore a place to die 
Get one foot in 
Keep one foot out, 
It's all about 
Us rumble n shout, 
Now! Now! Now! 

Written Text

Time to play ball 

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