This commercial for the Google App begins with a person, dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit, standing on top of a tall, rocky mountain cliff. The man takes a deep breath, says "OK" and then jumps from the cliff. Next is a woman with blue/green hair, looking into the camera saying "OK, Bonjour enchante". A scene from the film 'School of Rock' is shown, with Jack Black handing a pair of drumsticks to a music student. The coach for the Bixby Spartans high school football team gives his players a pep talk before a game. A group of cheerleaders is on the football field during a practice. A young boy looks into the camera, asking "OK, are you ready?" right before he jumps over the rocky ledge and into the pool of water below. A dad helps his young child learn to ride a bike. Two people play a game of basketball. "The Dude", holding a White Russian in a glass, is shown. A woman prepares to give a toast at a wedding reception. An astronaut is hovering next to a spacemobile (that's right, Spacemobile) with a beautiful view of the Earth behind him. A young child is lying on the floor next to a sleeping family dog. The question posed to the Google App is "OK, Google. Do dogs dream?". Google has an answer for everything.  
"The Google app: Dream"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

OK, bonjour enchante. 
OK? Give that a try. 
OK? You're Bixby Spartans! 
OK, you ready? 
OK, OK. 
OK, what's up? 
OK, yeah. 
OK, you're good. 
OK, Google. Do dogs dream? 
Dogs dream like humans and about similar things.

Written Text

Ask the Google app.

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