This commercial for the Google App is about a woman searching for an obedience school for her dog, Halo. Halo appears to be a bit of a naughty dog who has chewed up some sort of blanket or pillow on the staircase. With the Google App, finding a dog obedience school is quick, easy and information is literally at your fingertips. While the woman is searching for obedience training locations, Halo, the destructive but cute dog walks up the stairs to sit on top of the pillow that was destroyed. 
"The Google app: Bad Dog"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Halo! Did you do that? OK, Google, find me dog obedience lessons around here. 
Here are the listings for dog obedience training.  
Did you do that to the pillow?

Written Text

The Pet Spot 
Ask the Google app. 

find me dog obedience lessons around here

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