Introducing the world’s most entertaining device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S – you’ll never want to put it down. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard star in this commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.  
"Galaxy Tab S -- What You Really Need"

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How do you even hold things with these little guys? Hey, we promised we'd hike. I'm checking the weather. 
Uh-oh. Look at that. We'd better play it safe. Focus on mental fitness.  
(singing) Could it be I'm falling in love with you 
What are you doing down there?  
Watching a baby tutorial. 
With your Peacoat and stomping around your Bobbies. 
Is the audition to play a Portuguese guy? 
No, British. 
Woo! Yes! 
Did you just deliver? 
It's a no-go on the pierogies. 
Kale chop. 
Kale salad's out. 
Frozen yogurt. 
Honey, are you OK? 
He's being so nice. 
I'd prefer you didn't watch these when you're pregnant, sweetie. 
You are really going for it. 
Eyes are muscles, too. 
I don't know. 
I feel like it makes me look pregnant. 
You didn't even look! 
Of course I did. 
What are you watching? Oh, I love this scene! How late are we? 
Um, it ended two hours ago. 
With the best screen of any tablet, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the world's most entertaining device. Get it now at 
(Lyrics) Could it be I'm falling in love with you 
And darling you'll always be  
The only for me 
Heaven made you specially 
Could it be I'm falling in love 
With you, baby 
Could it be I'm falling in love 
I want to know now, baby 
Could it be I'm falling in love 
With you  
With you  
With you 
Could it be I'm falling in love

Written Text

The Next Big Thing Is Here 
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 
available at 

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