More and more of us care about how things are made and what they are made of, so we’re taking a stand for the brands that do too. Introducing Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target. Learn more at 
"Made To Matter"

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Introducing Made To Matter handpicked by Target. Exclusive innovations from brands that truly care about how things are made. Only at Target. 
(Lyrics) Then let's ride 
Yeah gonna ride 
Let's ride, all night 
Then let's ride 
Gonna ride 
He'd had would have tried 
Oh! He'd had would have faced you! 
All night long 
Then at last you've gone

Written Text

What If 
We thought as much about 
What goes into something 
As what comes out of it? 
What if more things were made for good? 
What if more things were made to matter? 
What if "What if" just became "What Is"? 
And we made these things 
Available to Everyone 
Made To Matter 
Handpicked by Target 

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