Land Rover and Virgin Galactic have joined together to explore what many consider to be an ultimate adventure, and the final frontier--space.  
Learn how you can enter for a chance to win a trip to space: 
"New Discovery Sport: Galactic Discovery Competition | Land Rover USA"

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There's a feeling that can't be stopped.  
One that you get when you look at far away places.  
It pushes you to go somewhere new. 
Well, that feeling is calling.  
You. Sitting there, watching this.  
Do you ever wonder what's out there? 
Well, here is the ultimate adventure. 
You're going to be doing something that hardly any other people have ever done on earth. 
Just imagine being able to look back on planet earth.  
So what does the spirit of adventure mean to you? 
And who would you take with you? 
Adventure's calling. Are you ready?

Written Text

Spaceport America New Mexico USA 
Virginia McKenna 
Campaigner and Conservationist 
Richard Branson 
Business Pioneer 
Ranulph Fiennes 
Bear Grylls 
Are You Ready To Discover? 
Win A Trip To Space With Three Friends 
Enter Now At 
The New Discovery Sport 
Land Rover 
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