A man comes home in the morning after working the 3rd shift. His wife mentions how rough it is working those hours, but the man assures her that it's only for a few more weeks. He touches his son, who is eating breakfast, on the head before going upstairs to get some sleep. In the darkness of the night, the father gets up to get ready to go back to work. His son also gets out of bed, goes to the kitchen to grab a box of Cheerios and a jug of milk. When his father sees that the boy is out of bed, he asks why he is up, saying it's late. The boy tells his father that he just wants to eat breakfast with him. The two sit in the dark kitchen and eat Cheerios together. 
"3rd Shift"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I know, this third shift is rough. 
It's just a few more weeks.  
Max! What are you doing up? It's late.  
I just wanted to have breakfast with you.

Written Text


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