"HGTV House Hunters Commercial"

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They know what they want... Big front porches. A really safe place. A good value. I really do not want to see granite. Built-in cabinetry. But after seeing what they can get... I'm not seeing anything that I really love. You're gonna have to re-do this. A big sticker shock for both of us. This needs to go for sure. ...they'll need a little give and take to find a house they'll love. I really love this home. House Hunters - weeknights at 10. Only on HGTV (Lyrics) Don't you want me, baby Don't you want me, oh oh oh oh

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Music by: The Human League "Don't You Want Me" Dare House Hunters Weeknights 10/9c

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Don't You Want Me
performed by The Human League

This Song is played in House Hunters Commercial

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House Hunters

This Television Series is referred to by House Hunters Commercial
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