Send your kids to school with Happy Hair. This is the new campaign for Vosene Kids shampoos, with a range of delicious-smelling Fruity Goodness varieties and a special back-to-school nit-repellent shampoo and detangler range. "Happy Hair with Vosene Kids"

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Have your kids got happy hair? Mums everywhere are realizing they can keep hair looking healthy, shiny and smelling great with the trusted formula of Vosesne Kids Shampoo. And what's more, it's gentle enough to use every day. So no wonder 96% of Vosene Mums recommend. Vosene Kids Shapmoo. For happy hair. (Lyrics) There must be something in the air Some kind of magic everywhere This is the ? Makes me wanna move my ? Everybody's dancing in the street Dancin' in the street

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95% of mums who use Vosene would recommend it Vosene Kids Shampoo for happy hair@

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