"Warby Parker | The Surprise" This ad shows a man taking a nap. He gets a text which wakes him up, but he can't read it without his glasses. He reaches for them on the nightstand, but they fall down onto a skateboard which rolls away. He walks after it and crawls under a table that has a birthday cake on it. The cake falls down onto his face when he gets up, and he finally puts his glasses on and sees that he's at his own surprise party.

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Taylor Surprise! (Lyrics) They say he doesn't love me but they don't know He makes me feel so happy when I'm feeling low My friends just can't... And that is why I adore him

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Shakespeare A Comedy of Errors Taylor - WHERE R U??? Happy Birthday Darius Warby Parker Fall 2014

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Warby Parker

Warby Parker Commercial

Warby Parker Commercial