Only 9% of teens smoke. That's down from 23% in 2000. We can be the generation that ends smoking. Join us and let's #FinishIT.  
"truth - Finishers"

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Big tobacco has targeted trend-setting hipsters to sell cigarettes in the US. 
(Lyrics) I’m here to do revolusion 
This is a test  
Not lookin' for a home 
But for a place to die 
Do you dare to be scared in this G? 
Then you one of me, tonight 
Now! Now! Now! Now! 
Now! Now! Now! Now! 

Written Text

In 2000, 23% Of Teens Smoked. 
Today, Only 9% Of Teens Smoke. 
That's Less Than The Number Of VHS Tapes Sold In 2013. 
It's Less Than The Number Of Landlines Still In Use. 
But The Fight Isn't Over. 
Big Tobacco Didn't Disappear. 
Now They're Adapting Their Tactics. 
Now They Are Using You In Ways You Don't Even Know. 
We Can Finish Smoking. 
For Good. 
We Can Be The Generation That Ends Smoking. 
We Have The Numbers. 
We Have The Power. 
We Have The Creativity. 
We Will Be The Generation 
That Ends Smoking 
Finish It 
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